The excellent performance of our decorative products, automotive coatings, marine and Industrial protective coatings, packaging coatings and wood finishes in the construction industry and other strata of the economy, confer on us the number one choice in the paint sector.

President Automotive paints are fast drying, better sheen and strong adhesive properties. Their hardness and super coverage in one coat make them suitable for tropical conditions. Our protective surface primer and colourful vehicle refinishes are designed to bring out the best luxuriant outlook on your cars and other automobiles.

Range of Products

  • President Conventional Auto Flex Paints:
  • President 2-pack Autocryl System:
  • President Auto Base System:
  • Auto Primers:
    Single pack high quality product that gives the automobile metal surface a smooth appealing outlook on sanding. It also reduces paint chipping and corrosion.
  • President Auto refinishes:
    They are have good colour retention and gloss properties. They are useful in vehicle assembly plants, metal fabricating outfits and motor vehicle repairs workshops. President Auto refinishes are available as Auto flex, Autocryl or Autobase refinishes.
  • President Auto Vanish:
    This is a weather resistant glossy finish formulated to add super sheen to automotive top coat refinishes.
  • President Auto Hardeners:
  • President Auto Thinners: