The excellent performance of our decorative products, automotive coatings, marine and Industrial protective coatings, packaging coatings and wood finishes in the construction industry and other strata of the economy, confer on us the number one choice in the paint sector.

Our Industrial brands are formulated to take care of specific industrial needs. The cost effective outcomes, attractive finish, high yield and unparalleled protective values that our industrial brands add to products that wear them makes it needful for you to insist on.

Range of Products

  • President Quick dry enamel:
    Single pack product available in wide range of colours. It’s high gloss, excellent hardness, adhesion and rapid drying properties makes it suitable for coating trucks, buses and industrial machines. They can be in form of Primers and Finishes.
  • President Nitrocellulose enamel:
    Single pack high quality air dried paint available in wide range of colours. It’s excellent hardness, glossy sheen, total adhesion and durability makes it ideal multipurpose enamel that produces best results on metallic and wood substrates. It is available as Primers and Finishes
  • President Bituminous Black:
    Single pack high quality anti corrosive product formulated to protect steel, galvanized steel, galvanized pipes and other iron products from corrosion.
  • President Weather Shield Aluminum Finish:
    Single pack aluminum coating having excellent durability, quick drying and antirust properties. It is useful in shielding surface storage tanks, storage silos, iron works, street light poles, aluminum claddings and warehousing facilities from corrosion.
  • President Multipurpose Red Oxide Primer:
    Single pack high quality primer having excellent obliteration power and high build effect on ferrous substrate. It is formulated to protect fabricated steel and ferrous metal products from corrosion in mild and moderate aggressive environment.
  • President Polyurethane:
    2 pack Polyurethane Protective products having excellent heat, chemical, corrosive and abrasive resistance properties. They are durable finish coatings having excellent weather resistance, long term gloss and colour retention properties
  • President General Purpose Stoving Enamel:
    It is a durable oven baked system having strong adhesion to substrate, colour retention and abrasion resistant properties. It applicable on metal cabinets, household metallic products, freezers, refrigerators, fans and other fabricated metallic products. High baked stoving enamel must be exposed to heat at 1500C for 15minutes while the low baked enamel need to be baked at 80 – 100 C for 15 minutes. This system can be adapted to meet individual customer specification.
  • President Paint Remover:
    Single pack high quality paint and varnish remover. It is applicable on concrete, wood, steel and other metal surfaces. It is easily washed off with water and can be used to remove all types of paints ranging from decorative, industrial and marine protective coatings.