The excellent performance of our decorative products, automotive coatings, marine and Industrial protective coatings, packaging coatings and wood finishes in the construction industry and other strata of the economy, confer on us the number one choice in the paint sector.

Aggressive salt and fresh water, chemical and industrial environments wreck subtle havoc on valuables assets. Ocean going vessels and structures in waterline areas are susceptible to severe weathering and marine corrosion. President marine and protective coatings are most assuredly efficient in preventing and stopping the havoc and corrosion mentioned above. Our technical team are always available to render advice on most suited cost effective marine system which include the following:

Range of Products

  • Preskyd System:
    They are single pack alkyd based Marine Primers and Finishes. President Etch Primer: 2 pack high quality polyvinyl butyral product formulated to give the top finish excellent adhesion to unpainted nonferrous metal surfaces such as aluminum claddings, galvanized rails and pipes, zinc and copper surfaces.
  • Presyprime Steel Primer:
    Single pack quick drying surface tolerant anticorrosive primer designed for steel substrates. It is resistant to mild chemicals and used as onboard maintenance primer for above water areas.
  • Preskyd Marine Gloss Finish:
    It is a tough quick drying water and weather resistant coating having medium gloss retention properties. It is designed for both internal and external use. It is suitable for boot top area, top sides, deck and deck equipments.
  • Presychlor System:
    Chlorinated Rubber Paint System available as Primers, mid-coat and Finish. The product is very durable; it adheres well on steel, concrete and aluminum substrates. It is corrosion, fungal and mild chemical resistant in moderately aggressive environment. It is very useful for swimming pool maintenance, piping, floors, road marking and water logged areas.
  • Presychlor Anti-fouling:
    It is a strong corrosion barrier chlorinated rubber anti-fouling, biocide releasing and a potent marine growth inhibitor. It is excellent for maintenance of ships, yatch, boats and fishing trawlers.
  • Presygard Series:
    2 pack Epoxy Protective Products having good chemical, corrosive and abrasive resistant properties. The primers can be used as holding primer on blasted steel and a tie coat between zinc surfaces and top coats. They are also available as top coat finishes in different colours.
  • Presygard Special Anticorrosive:
    2 pack Epoxy Anticorrosive is hard, tough abrasion and mild chemical resistant products that protects marine substrates against corrosion and severe weathering. It is useful in above and water steel works, power generating plants, oil refineries and petroleum product storage facilities (tank farms). They are available as Anticorrosive Zinc Phosphate Primers, Zinc rich epoxy primer and Zinc silicate epoxy primers.
  • Presygard Splash Zone Composition Green:
    2 pack Epoxy special product designed for protection of steel works (bridge deck steel works, oil platform legs, marine riser pipes, ruptured and undersea pipelines) from severe marine corrosion. It is applicable at the construction and maintenance phase of oil platform facility.
  • President High Build Coatings:
    2 pack Epoxy High Build Products having good chemical, corrosive and abrasive resistant properties. It has wide range of protective application as primer, mid-coat or topcoat on structural steel, piping, concrete and masonry. It is suitable inner tank lining of chemicals, crude oil and refined petroleum products storage tanks. It is also applicable on concrete wall and floors.
  • President High Build Coatings (Food Grade):
    2 pack Epoxy High Build Products having good chemical, corrosive and abrasive resistant properties. It is designed for inner lining of steel or concrete portable water tanks, food processing factories and other allied industries.
  • President Epoxy Mortar:
    2 pack Epoxy Heavy Duty product with good chemical, corrosive and abrasive resistant properties. It is ideal as mid-coat or finish coat on concrete and structural steel works. It is designed for floors of factories, warehousing facilities, power house substations and other places where heavy duty equipments, high vehicular and human traffic are needed.
  • President Biotoxy Series:
    2 pack Coal tar Epoxy coating that combines the toughness, adhesion and chemical resistance of epoxy resin with excellent water resistance of coal tar. It is excellent for total, partial or intermittent immersion in salt and fresh water. Resistant to cathodic protection, ideal for use in crude oil storage tanks, dock gates, pilling and jetty structures.
  • Presythane series:
    2 pack Polyurethane Protective products having excellent heat, chemical, corrosive and abrasive resistance properties. It is a tough, durable finish coatings having excellent weather resistance, long term gloss and colour retention properties. It is compatible with epoxy coatings.
  • President Marine Varnishes:
    This is a high quality glossy finish formulated to add super sheen to marine topcoats. It is also applicable on hardwood or softwood surfaces.
  • President Thinners:
    appropriate thinners for each system