The excellent performance of our decorative products, automotive coatings, marine and Industrial protective coatings, packaging coatings and wood finishes in the construction industry and other strata of the economy, confer on us the number one choice in the paint sector.

Our quality wood finishes will meet and surpass your expectation any day. Super drying time, sheen to your taste, protective power and colour of lasting value are qualities you will always find in the use of President Range of wood finishes.

Range of Products

  • President Sanding Sealer:
    Specifically formulated to fill wood pores, reduce scratch marks, prevent clogging of sand paper and form a key base for final coat.
  • President Lacquers:
    They are transparent, fast drying and high quality finish. Applicable on sanding sealer or direct on stained wood surfaces. They are available as glossy, satin and matt finishes
  • President Matching Stains:
    They are special dyestuff blended, fast drying high quality finishes. They have good colour brilliance and penetrative power. They are available as cold, mid-warm and warm stains.
  • President Wood Thinners:
  • Polyurethane wood finishes: :
    2-pack polyurethane products that can be pigmented or non pigmented. They have excellent heat, chemical and abrasive resistance properties and are available in various finishes like high gloss, satin or matt finish. They can be applied on wood and metal substrate by brush, spray or dip but the substrate must be free from dirt, grease, oil, water and any contaminants.